18th March Quiz

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1) Born on this day 1844 the composer of Sheherazade, who?

2) Born on this day 1932 the US award-winning novelist of Rabbit Run, who?

3) Born on this day 1905, the English actor Robert Donat, for which film did he win an Oscar in 1939?

4) Born on this day 1949, the Irish snooker player noted for his wild behaviour , who?

5) Died on this day 1745, Robert Walpole, the first Earl of Orford. He was the first man to hold what government post?

6) Which credit company was started On this day 1850 in Buffalo, USA?

7) On this day 1871, which group began their uprisings in Paris, which would lead in May to the first socialist government. An eighties pop group would also name themselves after this group?

8) On this day 1958, who or what were presented to the Queen for the last time, but despite official lack of recognition, continue to gather annually?

9) On this day 1967 which oil tanker ran aground off Land?s End Cornwall?

10) On this day in which year was Aldo Moro, the former Italian Prime Minister kidnapped?  


1) Rimsky Korsakov

2) John Updike

3) Goodbye Mister Chips

4) Alex Hurricane Higgins

5) Prime Minister

6) American Express

7) The Communards

8) Debutantes

9) Torrey Canyon

10) 1978  


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