18th February Quiz

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1) Born this day 1784, Nicolo Paganini, With which ITV arts program do we associate his music?

2) Born on this day 1929, the author of the Ipcress file and Funeral in Berlin, who is it?

3) Born on this day 1919, Walter Palahunik, the actor who following plastic surgery after a bomber crash in World War II went onto star in Sudden Fear and Shane, how is he better known?

4) Born on this day 1954, the US actor who made his name in Saturday Night Fever , who is it?

5) Born on this day Yoko Ono, how old is she today?

6) Born on this day 1898 the legendary Italian sports car builder who started as a test driver for Alfa Romeo, who is it?

7) Died this day 1967, the man nicknamed ?The father of the atomic bomb?, who is it?

8) Which planet was discovered On this day 1930?

9) On this day 1948, after 16 years as premier Eamon de Valera was kicked out of office in which country?

10) On this day 1949, Mrs Duran-Deacon became the victim of John George Haigh, how was he better known?  


1) The South Bank Show

2) Len Deighton

3) Jack Palance

4) John Travolta

5) 63

6) Enzo Ferrari

7) Oppenheimer

8) Pluto

9) Ireland

10) The acid bath murderer  


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