23rd July Quiz

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1) Born 1892, The famous emperor of Ethiopia, who modernised his country in the 20th Century?

2) Born 1913, The Leader of the labour party 1980-1983, who?

3) Born 1888, The author of the novels The Big Sleep and Farewell my Lovely, who?

4) Born 1947, The English singer and actor David Cook, how is he better known?

5) Which Essex and England cricketer who made his test debut in 1975 was Born on this day in 1953?

6) Died 1951, the French army Marshall and head of the Vichy France from 1940-1944 who is it?

7) Died 1988, the cricketing uncle of Imran Khan?

8) 1940, the local defence volunteers were renamed as what?

9) 1967, Tony Simpson died of heat exhaustion in the mountain stage of what race?

10) Which royal couple were married On this day in 1986?  


1) Haile Selassie

2) Michael Foot

3) Raymond Chandler

4) David Essex

5) Graham Gooch

6) Marshall Petain

7) Jahangir Khan

8) The Home Guard

9) The Tour De France

10) Prince Andrew and Sarah Fergusson


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