24th July Quiz

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1) name the country named after the man, Born on this day in 1783, who gained independence for six south American republics?

2) Born 1898, Born the US aviator who was the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic, who?

3) Born 1802, The author of the Count Of Monte Cristo?

4) Died 1883, The man who was first to swim the English Channel?

5) Died 1974 Sir James Chadwick, which part of the atom did he discover?

6) 1980, The English Actor who enjoyed a lunch with fellow goons on the 22nd July on leaving he had a heart attack and died today, who?

7) What was conducted for the first time On this day in Delaware 1824?

8) What drug was first used On this day at Guys Hospital 1925?

9) 1965, which former boxer and night-club owner was found shot dead in the back of his car in Soho?

10) 1987, Who won a libel action against the Star over his alleged pay off to a prostitute?  


1) Bolivia

2) Amelia Earhart

3) Alexandre Dumas

4) Capt. Matthew Webb

5) The Neutron

6) Peter Sellers

7) Public Opinion Pole

8) Insulin

9) Freddie Mills

10) Jeffrey Archer


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