27th November Quiz

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1. Born OTD (on this day) 1874 Chaim Weizmann, the first president of which country?

2. Born OTD 1925 Ernest Wiseman, who did he famously work with?

3. Born OTD 1938, the actor who starred with James Bolam in The Likely Lads, who?

4. Born OTD 1940 the husband of actress Pauline Collins, who?

5. Born OTD 1701, the man who invented the Centigrade temperature scale, who?

6. Died OTD 1975, which author, after been shot on his doorstep by the IRA?

7. OTD 1582 who did William Shakespeare marry?

8. OTD 1914 Mary Allen and Miss EF Harburn reported for duty in Grantham as the first what?

9. OTD 1944, 4500 tons of high explosive went off in a farm killing 68 people. The explosion could be heard in London and felt as far away as Geneva, in which county did it occur?

10. OTD 1967, who said ?Non? to Britain?s entry into the Common Market?  


1. Israel

2. Eric Morecambe

3. Rodney Bewes

4. John Alderton

5. Anders Celsius

6. Ross McWhirter

7. Ann Hathaway

8. British Policewomen

9. Staffordshire

10. Charles De Gaulle


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