Pauls Christmas Quiz 2

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Christmas Quiz Questions 1.  "So this is Christmas" are the first words to which John Lennon song ?  (complete title please)

2. What are the names of the Three Wise Men or The Three Kings ?  (in western folklore)

3. A Christmas present for country western fans. Who sang "It was Christmas in prison the food was real good, we had turkey and pistols carved out of wood" ?  
    a. Willy Nelson
    b. Johnny Cash
    c. John Prine
    d. Garth Brooks

4. Other than blue, which other colours are mentioned in the Elvis song 'Blue Christmas'?

5. Which 'Christmas' word means 'turning of the sun' ?

6. The Greek word for Messiah was Xristos(Christ). What do all of these words mean translated ? 

7. Which pudding with a misleading name was banned by English Puritans because it was deemed to be 'sinfully rich' ?

8. Which popular poem did Clement Clark Moore write for his six children in 1822 ?

9. Superstition dictates that when making mince pies for Christmas one should always stir in which direction ?

10. Most of us have had to eat 'humble pie' at least once in our lives. During Elizebethian times it was popular at Christmas feasts. What was the main ingredient?


1. Happy Xmas (War is over)

2. Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar

3. Answer c. John Prine 
    ('Christmas in prison' from the album Sweet Revenge)

4. Red, green and white.  
    "decorations of red on a green Christmas tree"  and  "You'll be doin all right with your Christmas of white".

5. Yuletide (Yule means wheel in old Norse language)

6. The 'annointed' one

7. Plum pudding. There are no plums in plum pudding.  
    (sugar, raisons, suet, flour and various spices boiled in a bag till 'plum')

8. A visit from St. Nicholas (The night before Christmas)   
    "It twas the night before Christmas when all through the house......"

9. In a clockwise direction.

10. Innards or offal (Usually deer).


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