Pauls Christmas Quiz 4

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Christmas Quiz Questions1. Which friar, and the patron saint of, among others, Italy, the Philippines, the environment  and stowaways, was the first person to stage a nativity scene (or manger scene) ?

2. The following all mean 'Merry Christmas' in which language ?
    a. Hyvaa joulua
    b. sung tan chuk ha
    c. froehliche weihnacten
    d. nollaig shona dhuit
    e. mele kalikimaka
    f. god jul
    g. boas festas
    h. kala christouyenna

3. There are two 'Christmas islands'.  Name the oceans in which they are located.

4. Which Christmas dinner was eaten by Elizebeth I to celabrate the English victory over the Spanish Armada ?
    a. fish   
    b. peacock
    c. goose
    d. eel

5. Which Christmas tradition did the very busy Sir Henry Cole introduce in 1843 ?

6. In which country does a tempermental 'Julenisse', a cross between a jolly Santa and an evil Gremlin like creature, deliver presents on Christmas Eve ?

7. Which Christmas gift of the very highest quality, also known as 'Oil of Lebanon', comes from Oman ?

8. In which European capital city is eel a traditional dinner on Christmas Eve ?
      a. London
      b. Rome
      c. Paris

9. Before Pope Julius I decided that December 25th was the day Jesus was born, on which day did early Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus ?   

10. Which Christmas treat was first used to keep noisy children quiet during the church service ?


1. St. Francis of Assisi  ( as a teaching guide for the uneducated )

2.  Eight Answers
    a. Finnish
    b. Korean
    c. German
    d. Irish
    e. Hawaiian
    f. Norwegen
    g. Portugese
    h. Greek

3. Pacific and Indian

4. Answer c. goose

5. The sending of Christmas wishes on mass produced Christmas cards.  The first cards depicted a family toasting an absent friend with the words "Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you". Only a few still exist today, If you have one dont send it away, it's a collecters item 'worth' keeping !  

6. Norway. Nisse means 'little people'.  It is customary to leave some porridge and beer at the kitchen table to keep him happy !   Trust me, it works.

7. Frankincense

8. Answer b. Rome       il capitone it's called   (When in Rome....) 

9. The 6th of January or feast of the epiphany. (Greek for appearance or revalation)

10. candy cane.    (In the Colonge cathedral) Just one color then, stripes were introduced later in the US


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