Christmas Quiz 6

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The following Christmas Quiz round was submitted by Mark Hard from the UK. Many thanks Mark and Happy Christmas!

Christmas Quiz Questions1. What did Donald Gardner want for Christmas?

2. Bing Crosby told us that he would be where for Christmas?

3. And what did Bing Crosby hear on Christmas day in 1956?

4. Where did Richard Attenborough witness a miracle back in 1994?

5. What did Brenda Lee love doing to her Christmas tree?

6. Who did the Carpenters wish a Merry Christmas to in 1970?

7. What festive plea was issued by the Eagles in 1978?

8. What was the name of the Grinch's faithful four-legged friend?

9. What did the Killers demand that the man in red not do to them, back in 2007?

10. Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz teamed up again for a festive TV spin-off of which film?


1. His two front teeth ("All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth")

2. Home ("I'll be home for Christmas")

3. Bells ("I heard the bells on Christmas day")

4. 34th Street ("Miracle on 34th Street")

5. Rockin' around it ("Rockin' around the Christmas Tree")

6. Darling ("Merry Christmas Darling")

7. "Please come home for Christmas"

8. Max

9. Shoot ("Don't shoot me, Santa")

10. Shrek ("Shrek: Shrek The Halls")


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