Christmas Conundrum Quiz 1

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The following Christmas Conundrum Quiz round was submitted by Alan Macdonald from the UK. Thanks again Alan, your quizzes are excellent.

Christmas Quiz Questions1. Including Rudolph, how many reindeer pull Santa's sleigh

2. A favourite drink over the Christmas period, how is "the water of life" better known

3. According to the Christmas song, who had "a jolly happy soul"

4. The name of which herb is used as a magic word in a Christmas pantomime

5. How may pipers were piping in "The 12 days of Christmas"

6. What is the surname of the 16th century German monk, a fampous religious reformer and father of Protestantism, who is considerd the originator of putting candles on a Christmas tree

7. Which pantomime hero marries Jasmin

8. Besides being wise men, which royal rank did the 3 Magi hold

9. What is the name given to a piece of music that is played at the beginning of a production such as a pantomime/opera etc

10. Rearrange the first letters of each answer to make what most people like to see plenty of at Christmas


1. Nine

2. Whisky

3. Frosty the snowman

4. Sesame

5. Eleven

6. Luther

7. Aladdin

8. King

9. Overture

10. Snowflake


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