Christmas Conundrum Quiz 2

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The following quiz round was submitted by Jackie Merner from Portugal. (Rumours Sports Bar). Many thanks Jackie, great job!

Simply put, nine questions with nine answers. Take the first letter of each answer and make a five and four-letter word from the letters. The word has a festive feel to it.

Christmas Quiz Questions1. Jane Sixsmith represents England at which sport?

2. After Zeus who was the most imporant God in Greek Mythology?

3. Who wrote the film score for Kiss of a Spider Woman in 1993?

4. Where is the Statue of Eros?

5. What word is used when you fail to hold a straight course in a boat?

6. What is the fear of anything foreign?

7. What was Michaelangelos frist name?

8. Who plays Hawkeye in the TV series MASH?

9. What type of animal was Boris the subject of a song by The Who?

10. Write the first letter of each answer and what does it spell (5 letters and four letters)?


1. Hockey

2. Apollo

3. Pete Townsend

4. Piccadilly Circus

5. Yawing

6. Xenophobia

7. Michaelangelo

8. Alan Alder

9. Spider

10. Happy Xmas


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