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The following quiz round was very kindly submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many, many thanks Ted, another great quiz round.

The quiz round is based on a Christmas song. The actual sentence is discovered by taking the first letter of the answers and building them up . This quiz can be used in combination with Christmas Initials Quiz 2

Christmas Quiz Questions1. In AD 563, St Columba founded a monastery on which island?

2. In Greek mythology, ambrosia was the food of the gods; what was their drink?

3. In which house, one of her favourite homes, did Queen Victoria die?

4. What word describes any animal that has hooves?

5. Whose caf? was the meeting place for refugees in Casablanca

6. Who was originally named Marion Morrison?

7. Which mountain in Greece is the legendary home of the Ancient Gods?

8. Who was the creator of Star Trek?

9. The city of Belfast stands at the mouth of which river?

10. Paul Barber played which character in "Only Fools And Horses"?

11. In mathematics, what term describes an angle that is greater than 90 degrees, and less than 180 degrees?

12. At which racecourse is the Irish Grand National run?

13. Which town in northern Spain is known for the annual 'running of the bulls' through the streets?

14. The mineral galena is the chief ore of which metal?

15. Which celebrated jazz pianist composed 'Mood Indigo' and 'Creole Rhapsody'?

16. Which aromatic hydrocarbon, sometimes known as 'tar camphor', is often used to make mothballs?

17. What does a polyorchid man have at least 3 of?

18. In the United States, the natural geyser called Old Faithful is in which National Park?

19. In which of the Bronte novels is Heathcliff a central character?

20. What is the name for the substance made by spiritualists or mediums and claimed to be "spirit-matter"?

21. The evergreen perennial plant Helleborus niger bears white flowers in winter or early spring; what is its common name?

22. Ponta Delgada is the regional capital of which group of Portuguese islands in the Atlantic?

23. Which American state's name is a Spanish word meaning snow-clad?

24. In cookery, what French word meaning 'jumped' is used for tossing or shaking food in hot fat?

25. What name, derived from Tamil, is given to a low caste of Hindus, and in English is used as a synonym for 'outcast' ?

26. What term can mean a swift clever reply especially in fencing

27. What name, derived from Greek meaning 'work', is given to the scientific study of man in his working environment?

28. In March 1978, a tanker ran aground off the Brittany coast causing serious pollution; what was the name of the ship?

29. In Only Fools And Horses, by what name does Trigger refer to Rodney?

30. Which Moroccan seaport was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960?

31. Of which African republic is Dakar the capital?

32. What is the capital of Minorca?

33. In which country is Farsi the official language?

34. What is the name of the order of insects which includes butterflies and moths?

35. What is the name of the important Christian festival celebrated on January 6th or Twelfth Day?

36. By what other common name is the fish hawk generally known?

37. At which army camp was Sgt Ernie Bilko first based?

38. From 1796, which English physicain pioneered the use of vaccination as a means of preventing smallpox?

39. In cookery, the term 'Lyonnaise' indicates that a particular vegetable is used in a dish: which vegetable?

40. The Menin Gate, a memorial to soldiers of Britain and the Empire who died in the First World War, is in which Belgian town?  

Each of the first letters of the answers spells out a lyric from a famous Christmas song


1. Iona

2. Nectar

3. Osborne House

4. Ungulate

5. Rick's

6. Wayne John

7. Olympus

8. Rodenberry Gene

9. Lagan

10. Denzil

11. Obtuse

12. Fairyhouse

13. Pamplona

14. Lead

15. Ellington Duke

16. Naphthalene

17. Testicles

18. Yellowstone

19. Wuthering Heights

20. Ectoplasm

21. Christmas Rose

22. Azores

23. Nevada

24. Saut?

25. Pariah

26. Riposte

27. Ergonomics

28. Amoco Cadiz

29. Dave

30. Agadir

31. Senegal

32. Mahon

33. Iran

34. Lepidoptera

35. Epiphany

36. Osprey

37. Fort Baxter

38. Jenner

39. Onion

40. Ypres

LYRIC: In Our World Of Plenty We Can Spread A Smile Of Joy


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