Christmas Initials Quiz 2

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The following quiz round was very kindly submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many, many thanks Ted, another great quiz round.

The quiz round is based on the Christmas song from Christmas Initials Quiz 1. The actual sentence is discovered by taking the first letter of the answers and building them up .

Christmas Quiz Questions1. What is DJ Alan Freeman's nickname?

2. Which London Barrister was created by John Mortimer?

3. Which capital city was called Christiania until 1925?

4. In angling, what are 'gentles'?

5. Which 19th-century French author wrote 'The Count of Monte Christo'?

6. What was the name given to the very wide, grey flannel trousers worn by men in the mid-1920s?

7. In which TV series did Stephanie Beecham play a POW?

8. What is the name of Israel's chief seaport?

9. What French name meaning 'lightning' is given to a long cake of choux pastry filled with cream?

10. Which major United States university founded in 1701, is situated in New Haven, Connecticut?

11. What name is given to the tough, insoluble protein that is a major constituent of human hair and fingernails?

12. A carnivorous animal eats flesh, what does a nucivorous animal eat?

13. The cor anglais is a member of which family of woodwind instruments?

14. Which capital city stands on the river Vistula?

15. What does an entomologist study?

16. The Portuguese capital, Lisbon, lies near the mouth of which river?

17. The Jerome Kern song, 'Ol' Man River', originally featured in which musical?

18. The bird Crex crex is sometimes called a Landrail; what is its other common name?

19. In Italy, what kind of food is called prosciutto?

20. What is the commonest pub name in the British Isles?

21. What name is given to a line drawn on a weather map which connects places having equal atmospheric pressure?

22. In which ancient language are the scriptures of Hinduism written?

23. Which very hot, peppery sauce bears the same name as a state of south east Mexico?

24. Of which island group is Funchal the capital?

25. Which ancient name for Britain is perhaps derived from the Latin word for white?

26. In 'The Arabian Nights', who had an adventure with an immense bird called the Roc?  

27. Sentence?


1. Fluff

2. Rumpole

3. Oslo

4. Maggots

5. Dumas

6. Oxford Bags

7. Tenko

8. Haifa

9. Eclair

10. Yale

11. Keratin

12. Nuts

13. Oboes

14. Warsaw

15. Insects

16. Tagus

17. Showboat

18. Corncrake

19. Ham

20. The Red Lion

21. Isobar

22. Sanskrit

23. Tabasco Sauce

24. Madeira Islands

25. Albion

26. Sinbad



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