Christmas Quiz 8

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Christmas Quiz Questions1. Which English actor starred in "the Muppet Christmas carol"?

2. Where was it always winter but never Christmas?

3. According to folklore a windy Christmas means _____, what?

4. Bill & Hilary Clinton switched on the Christmas tree lights in Belfast in 1990, 1995 or 1996

5. What’s the Christian penitential season from end of November to Christmas?

6. When Saigon fell, the signal for all Americans to evacuate was what song by Bing Crosby being played on the radio?

7. Which book begins "Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without any presents"?

8. Which song was a UK Christmas no. 1 in 1995 for Michael Jackson?

9. Who wrote the Christmas story, "a visit from St Nicholas"?

10. What is the birthstone colour of someone born on Christmas day?

11. What famous comedian died at Christmas in 1977

12. Which was the first animated peanuts TV special

13. What Dr Seuss character steals Christmas

14. In 'a Christmas carol', how many ghosts visited scrooge?

15. The last descendant of what musical family died on Christmas day 1845?

16. While experimenting with speeding up a tape, David Seville created three voice characters and released a Christmas song in 1958. Which nutty group was this?  


1. Michael Caine

2. Narnia

3. Good fortune

4. 1995

5. Advent

6. White Christmas

7. Little women

8. Earth song

9. Clement Moore

10. Turquoise

11. Charlie Chaplin

12. A Charlie Brown Christmas

13. Grinch

14. Four

15. Bach

16. Chipmunks


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