New Year Initials Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was very kindly submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many, many thanks Ted, another great quiz round.

Take the first letter of each answer to spell a lyric from a well known song sang at New Year

Christmas Quiz Questions1. The name given to a dividing ridge between two river systems

2. What name is given to the cartilage lying behind the tongue and in front of the entrance to the larynx?

3. The name of the liner sunk by a German submarine on 7th May 1915

4. Name given to a feet-first toboggan?

5. A Shropshire town that was named after a famous engineer

6. Role played by Tina Turner in 1975 movie Tommy

7. Chinese for "bump head" a gesture of servility

8. The river in which Hamburg stands

9. The most highly populated city in Alaska

10. In which film does John Cleese play a headmaster called Mr Stimpson?

11. The capital city of Mongolia

12. What cakes are made from liquorice extract sugar, flour, glucose and water?

13. In which battle of 1898 did British and Egyptian troops led by Kitchener defeat Sudanese tribesmen?

14. The name given to the leaves of ferns

15. The Kookaburra is the largest member of which bird family?

16. What is the Japanese art of flower arranging called?

17. The country which has Windhoek as its capital

18. The name given to word blindness

19. The name of the French town where the sitcom ‘Allo Allo’ was set

20. The name given to the branch of philosophy concerned with human values

21. In the Bible, who was the first King of Israel?

22. The name given to the highest order of angels?

23. By population, which is Japan's second largest city?

24. The second book of the bible

25. The sporting activity where you would perform a Randolph

26. The female equivalent of the Davis Cup in tennis

27. The name given to the natives of the Orkneys

28. The name given to a teacher of Jewish law

29. The largest bread of terrier

30. The title of the number 1 collaboration between Queen and David Bowie

31. The film in which David Bowie played the king of the goblins

32. Who had a number one hit with ‘Shaddup Your Face’ (surname)?

33. Which American City is served by McCarran Airport? .

34. The alternative name for a Michaelmas daisy

35. The name of the first US atomic submarine

36. Who wrote “The Client” “The Chamber” and “The Firm”?

37. Mythical river which led to Hades

38. Song that was number 1 for the pop duo Baccara?

39. The medical term given to the study of the brain and nervous system

40. The alternative name for the North American moose  

Lyric: ?


1. Watershed

2. Epiglottis

3. Lusitania

4. Luge

5. Telford

6. Acid Queen

7. Kowtow

8. Elbe

9. Anchorage

10. Clockwise

11. Ulan Bator

12. Pontefract cakes

13. Omdurman

14. Fronds

15. Kingfisher

16. Ikebana

17. Namibia

18. Dyslexia

19. Nouvion

20. Ethics

21. Saul

22. Seraphims

23. Yokohama

24. Exodus

25. Trampolining

26. Federation Cup

27. Orcadians

28. Rabbi

29. Airedale

30. Under Pressure

31. Labyrinth

32. Dolce, Joe

33. Las Vegas

34. Aster

35. Nautilus

36. Grisham (John)

37. Styx

38. Yes sir, I can boogie

39. Neurology

40. Elk  

Lyric: We'll take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne


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