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Christmas Quiz Questions1. Until the Second World War, St. Nick has only one helper. When the Netherlands was liberated in 1945, the liberators reinstated Sinterklaas for the sake of the children. Unaware of tradition, these liberators thought that if one helper was fun, several helpers would be even better, hence we now think of little helpers rather than a helper. Who were the liberators?

2. The dragon-slayer, St. George, was born in Cappodocia. In which modern day country is Cappodocia?

3. What are you eating if you are enjoying  'March Bread'?

4. In which year?s Queens Christmas Day speech, did Queen Elizabeth II refer to having an "Annus Horribilis"?

5. In which country were Christmas trees banned from the early 1920s until 1935 ?

6. Which Christmas figure wore green in Victorian England?

7. In North America, which organisation is always the first to spot that Santa is underway?

8. In which European country have Christmas parties been cancelled due to the Credit Crunch?

9. Who is the traditional Christmas gift-bringer in regions of Southern Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Hungary and parts of Hispanic America?

10. So legend has it, whilst poking at a fire, the London-based sweet shop owner Tom Smith got the inspiration to make  what Christmas dinner accessory?

11. A word for wine that has been spiced and heated. Six letters

12. One often has a glass of something before Christmas dinner as an APERITIF. The word stems from the Latin word meaning what?

13. Santa's favourite tipple is sherry, so they say. There are two main types of sherry. Name them.

14. What kind of water is added to high quality marzipan?

15. What kind of net, found on many a Christmas tree in the Ukraine, is supposed to bring good luck?

16. In 'The Christmas Song' (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...), what are the "folks dressed up like"?

17. Which charity ceased in 1989 after 5 years in which time it raised 90 million pounds?

18. Which country gives a Christmas tree to Britain every year, something it has done traditionally for years?

19. Gaja Kristnako is Happy Christmas in which language?

20. Which biblical town's name means 'house of bread' in Hebrew?


1. The Canadians.

2. Turkey.

3. Marzipan

4. 1992.

5. Soviet Union

6. Farher Christmas

7. N:O:R:A:D:   North American Radar And Defense 

8. Croatia

9. The Christkind (Christ Child) - Also accept Kris Kringle, an Americanised version of the word.

10. Christmas crackers.

11. Mulled.

12. To open.

13. Fino and Oloroso.

14. Rose Water.

15. A spiders web.

16. Eskimos.

17. Band Aid.

18. Norway.

19. Esperanto.

20. Bethlehem


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