Christmas Quiz 13

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1. The name for which traditional festive season accessory is derived from the Anglo Saxon words for "dung on a twig"?

2. Which mind boggling and very frustrating device, named after it's inventor, was one of the best-selling Christmas gifts of 1980?

3. US President and staunch conservationist Theodore Roosevelt banned what in the White House?

4. Which Hollywood film icon, ranked by the American Film Institute as 'the greatest male star' in history, was born on Christmas day 1899?

5. Which electronic device in an egg shaped container was the best-selling Christmas toy for children and adults alike in the year 1997?

6. Christmas Island in the Indian ocean is a territory of which country?

7. Which Christmas song did Bing Crosby and David Bowie sing together?

8. Although she was secretly expecting a necklace, what does the disappointed wife played by Emma Thompson in the film 'Love Actually' get from her husband for Christmas?

9. Which Christmas carol was sung by soldiers on both sides of the trenches during the Christmas Eve ceasefire of 1914?

10. Which popular Christmas song, originally recorded by Judy Garland, was first heard in the 1944 musical 'Meet Me In St. Louis'?


1. Mistletoe

2. Rubik's Cube

3. Christmas trees

4. Humphrey Bogart

5. Tamagotchi

6. Australia

7. Little Drummer Boy

8. A Joni Mitchell CD

9. Silent Night

10. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

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