Pub Quiz 44

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1. Originating in Local Taverns, to What Do the P&Q Refer to in the Saying Mind Your Ps and Qs?

2. What Number Remains when you deduct the Year England Won the World Cup from the Year Margaret Thatcher Became Leader of the Conservative Party?

3. Mardi Gras Is Traditionally Celebrated On Which Day?

4. When Driving A Car without Indicators, What Is the Hand Signal for Turning Left?

5. Where Would You Find A Lych Gate?

6. In Britain Which Is the Ultimate Court of Appeal?

7. What in e-mail Lingo Is the Meaning of the Acronym AFAIK?

8. Which Former PP Has A Teddy Bear Museum?

9. Which veteran entertainer brought his 'odd odes' to TV?

10. How many sides has a parallelogram?

11. What is the English term for the drink known in Scotland as 'Heavy'?

12. What kind of apes live on the Rock of Gibraltar?

13. What is the chief respiratory muscle called?

14. Which Scottish essayist is quoted as saying, 'History is the essence of innumerable biographies.'?

15. Which woman is holding a torch in her right hand and represents freedom?

16. By what is SIDS more commonly known?

17. Who exclaimed 'Eureka' ('I've found it!') when noticing that his body displaced the water in his bath?

18. What is the name of a serpent, lizard or dragon reputed to kill by it?s breath or look?

19. What is the English title for the book of the Bible composed of 'sacred songs sung to Musical Accompaniment'?

20. Upon which instrument, played before or during a Church service, is a ?voluntary? played?  


1. Pints and Quarts

2. 9 (1975-1966)

3. Shrove Tuesday

4. Turning Your Right Arm in A Circle

5. In A Churchyard

6. House of Lords

7. As Far As I know

8. Gyles Brandreth

9. Cyril Fletcher

10. 4

11. Bitter.

12. Barbary Apes.

13. Diaphragm.

14. Thomas Carlyle.

15. Statue of Liberty.

16. Cot Death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

17. Archimedes - Greek mathematician and scientist.

18. Basilisk.

19. Psalms.

110. Organ.


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