Pub Quiz 43

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1. Which organ in the body is affected by otitis?

2. Which was the first country in 1824 to legalise trade unions?

3. In Britain, in which season does the Earth move faster around the sun?

4. Who played the title role in Young Winston?

5. In which castle was Edward II murdered?

6. In which decade was oil discovered in the North Sea?

7. Californian and Stellar?s are types of what?

8. In which classic story does Inspector Javert hunt down Jean Valjean?

9. What is unusual about The Sudanese Dunka tribe?

10. Who is the Greek goddess of Retribution who rests in Staffordshire?  

11. In which city is the Shankhill Road?

12. Because of illness did Jacqueline du Pre give up her career , for what instrument was she famous?

13. What do the initials SAS stand for?

14. Which organ in your body filters your blood 50 times a day?

15. Which motorway crosses the Pennines from Leeds to Manchester?

16. Until defecting to the west, which was Martina Navratilova?s home country?

17. In which city is the Ashmolean museum?

18. On television who played the role of Wonder Woman?

19. Name the 6 categories of Nobel Prize?

20. What was the last year in which Russia was ruled by a Tsar?


1. The ear

2. Britain

3. Summer

4. Simon Ward

5. Berkeley

6. 1960s

7. Sea Lions

8. Les Miserables

9. World?s tallest people

10. Nemesis  

11. Belfast

12. Cello

13. Special Air Service

14. Kidneys

15. M62

16. Czechoslovakia

17. Oxford

18. Lynda Carter

19. Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Literature, Economics, Peace

20. 1917


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