Pub Quiz 45

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1. Which language was invented by Ludwik Zamenhof?

2. Which modern English city was known to the Romans as Venta Bulgarum?

3. Which mythical creature had the head of an eagle and the body and legs of a lion?

4. Which two colours are most commonly confused?

5. Who designed the lions in Trafalgar Square?

6. Who destroyed the Midianites?

7. Who discovered Greenland?

8. Who killed King Faisal of Saudi Arabia?

9. What nationality was Mick Jagger?s first wife, Bianca?

10. Who made everything he touched invisible?

11. Who was the longest-serving unelected US President?

12. Who was the Roman god of fire?

13. Who was transformed into a laurel tree?

14. Who were the ascetics who lived on top of pillars?

15. Whose last words were ?Let not poor Nelly starve??

16. Whose motto is ?Blood and Fire??

17. With which artistic movement was Mark Rothko associated?

18. With which musical instrument is Django Reinhardt associated?

19. With which musical instrument is Pablo Casals associated?

20. Who played Mr Humphries in Are You Being Served?

21. By what name was long-term prisoner Robert Franklin Stroud better known?

22. From which country do Gurkhas come?

23. From which fruit is slivovitz made?

24. In which century did Genghis Khan rule?

25. Of what are Honiton and Mechelen forms?

26. To which plant family does asparagus belong?

27. Whose apprentices were known as tumblers?

28. In which part of which country did businessman Asil Nadir take refuge after he was accused of fraud in the running of Polly Peck?

29. What was the real name of the man thought to have been a Nazi known as ?Ivan the Terrible?, who went on trial in Israel for war crimes in 1993?

30. Whose last words are reputed to have been: ?I shall hear in heaven??  


1. Esperanto

2. Winchester

3. Griffin

4. Green and red

5. Landseer

6. Gideon

7. Eric the Red

8. His nephew, Prince Faisal

9. Nicaraguan

10. Autolycus

11. Gerald Ford

12. Vulcan

13. Daphne

14. Stylites

15. Charles II

16. The Salvation Army

17. Abstract Expressionism

18. Guitar

19. Cello

20. John Inman

21. The Birdman of Alcatraz

22. Nepal

23. Plums

24. The thirteenth

25. Lace

26. Lily

27. Window cleaners

28. Turkish-occupied north Cyprus

29. John Demjanjuk

30. Ludwig van Beethoven  


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