Pub Quiz 47

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A bumper pub quiz round this one

1. How many species of snake are native to Ireland?

2. Who was the first of the Beatles to have a solo UK number One single?

3. What colour is the starboard light on a ship?

4. Which English cathedral has the tallest spire?

5. What colour was Britain's first two-penny postage stamp?

6. Who carried the flag for Great Britain at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics?

7. Which Scottish clan were the victims of the Massacre at Glencoe?

8. In 1967, who was the Minister of Transport responsible for the introduction of the breathalyser?

9. What is agoraphobia the fear of?

10. In which British city would you find Arthur's Seat?

11. Which British tax replaced Purchase Tax in 1963?

12. A Cornish Rex and a Devon Rex are breeds of which animal?

13. In which US State is the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes?

14. On which everyday items would you find either a coloured circle, diamond, square or triangle?

15. Who invented the Bunsen burner?

16. What appeared on British streets for the first time on 19th September 1960?

17. In 1991, Bryan Adams beat the previous record of eleven consecutive weeks at No. 1 in the singles charts. Whose record did he beat? (set in 1955. Title : Rose Marie)

18. If you were served with a bhindi bhaji in an Indian restaurant, which vegetable would you have?

19. A bronze statue of whom was unveiled at Aintree in 1988?

20. What is missing from the following list : An old boot, a top hat, a battleship, a dog and a racing car?

21. What would an Australian call trousers?

22. What are the metal discs in the rim of a tambourine called?

23. What type of animal is a Sooty Mangabey?

24. Who was the only woman in Edward Heath's first cabinet?

25. What can be "metric royal", "metric demy" or "metric crown"?

26. "Englander" is an anagram of which Country?

27. Who played the title role in the 1953 film "Houdini"?

28. What cake is traditionally made for Mothering Sunday?

29. Who had hits with "We are Glass" and "Cars"?

30. Who preceded Edward VI as Monarch?

31. Which drink did Rutger Hauer advertise on TV?

32. Who was the first male presenter of ITV's Gladiators?

33. In Dad's Army, what did the ARP Warden call Captain Mainwaring?

34. Who first presented The Gardening Club, in 1955?

35. Who replaced Anneka Rice in Treasure Hunt?

36. Which actor links The A-Team to Battlestar Gallactica?

37. British TV, what was the title of the adult version of TISWAS?

38. BBC In 1996, who moved from Blue Peter to Songs of Praise?

39. Who starred as Lovejoy?

40. What was the name of the restaurant in "Chef"?

41. Which Saints day falls on December 26th?

42. If you nictitate at someone, what do you do?

43. What was the title of Rainbow's first UK Top Ten hit?

44. What was Sir John Gielgud's real first name?

45. Phil Read won several World Championship's in which sport?

46. On which day of the week is the Jewish Sabbath?

47. When George Bush (Snr) was elected President, who was his Democrat opponent?

48. Who, according to the nursery rhyme, killed Cock Robin?

49. Spencer Gore was the first winner of which annual sporting event?

50. What colour is Lobster Blood?


1. None

2. George Harrison (My Sweet Lord)

3. Green

4. Salisbury

5. Blue

6. Stephen Redgrave

7. MacDonald

8. Barbara Castle

9. Open Spaces

10. Edinburgh

11. VAT

12. Cat

13. Alaska

14. Banknotes

15. (Robert) Bunsen

16. Traffic Wardens

17. Slim Whitman

18. Okra

19. Red Rum

20. An Iron (Monopoly)

21. Strides

22. Jingles

23. A Monkey

24. Margaret Thatcher

25. Sizes of Paper

26. Greenland

27. Tony Curtis

28. Simnel Cake

29. Gary Numan

30. Henry VIII

31. Guinness

32. John Fashanu

33. Napoleon

34. Percy Thrower

35. Annabel Croft

36. Dirk Benedict

37. OTT

38. Diane-Louise Jordan

39. Ian McShane

40. Le Chateau Anglais

41. St Stephen

42. Wink

43. Since You've Been Gone

44. Arthur

45. Motor Cycling

46. Saturday

47. Michael Dukakis

48. The Sparrow

49. Wimbledon Men's Singles

50. (Pale) Blue


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