Pub Quiz 48

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1. Who composed ?The Flight of the Bumble Bee??

2. Which actor could be found in both The Nags Head and The Royal Oak?

3. What is the full name for BBC Radio 5

4. Which illustrator was famous for detailed drawings of weird and wonderful mechanical inventions?

5. Who appeared with lamb chop?

6. Following the 1963 Peerage Act, who was the first peer to disclaim his title?

7. What was Prisoner Cell Block H originally called?

8. Who created the detective Paul Temple?

9. Which traffic light follows Green?

10. What is the only English anagram of the word Continued?

11. What did France give to the USA to help the people of America celebrate 100 years of Independence?

12. On the map of the London Underground, which line is Green?

13. Which state was founded by Mohammed Ali Jinnah?

14. Who was the first Prime Minister of Israel?

15. What man-made landmark took 1700 years to build?

16. Before decimalisation, how many pence were there in one pound Sterling?

17. Which couple reared Elsa the lioness?

18. Which city is served by Sheremeteyevo airport?

19. For which cause did EOKA fight?

20. What is the exact naval equivalent of an army major?  


1. Rimsky Korakov

2. Nicholas Lyndhurst

3. Radio 5 live

4. Heath Robinson

5. Shari Lewis

6. Tony Benn

7. Prisoner

8. Francis Durbridge

9. Amber

10. Unnoticed

11. The Statue of Liberty

12. District

13. Pakistan

14. David Ben Gurion

15. The Great Wall of China

16. 240

17. George and Joy Adamson

18. Moscow

19. The independence of Greece and Cyprus

20. Lieutenant Commander


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