Pub Quiz 111

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The following quiz round was kindly donated by Robin Seath from the UK. Many thanks Robin, a fantastic set of questions.


1. Into which sea does the river Jordan flow?

2. The Murray-darling is the longest running river in which country?

3. Which South American country was named after an Italian city?

4. Which two South American countries have borders with Ecuador?

5. Which lake is the source of the White Nile?

6. The island of Capri is situated at the southern entrance to which Bay?

7. In which ocean is Christmas island situated?

8. Cheyenne is the capital of which American state?

9. What was Britain's last colony in Africa?

10. The US city of Cleveland is on the shores of which great Lake?  


11. Doctor Who lives in a Tardis, what does the word 'TARDIS' stand for?

12. Who played television policeman Hamish Macbeth?

13. Who was John Drake other wise known as?

14. Who performed a concert in the park at the end of each episode of Trumpton?

15. Whose final Television series before his retirement was the sitcom Clarence?

16. What was the name of the priest played by Steven Tompkinson in Ballykissangel?  

17. Susan Stranks, Mick Robertson and Tommy Boyd all presented which childrens television show?

18. Which item of confectionary did a young Emma Bunton advertise on television?

19. Which police series started out as Woodentop?  

20. Who was the gardener on the Herbs?   

Great Britain

21. Which town on the south coast became a city as part of the millennium celebrations?

22. Which building is the principal residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury?

23. Portland Bill is connected by road to which resort?

24. Which river, the third longest in England, rises in the South Pennines and flows through the midlands to the Humber?

25. In which English county is Althorp House?

26. In may 1982 what happened in Britain for the first time for 450 years?

27. Where is Arthur's seat?

28. In which county is Crewe?

29. What is the Derbyshire home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire?

30. Which was the first frozen food to go on sale in Britain?  


31. Who was Luke Skywalker's father?

32. For which 1959 movie did Charlton Heston win a best actor Oscar in 1959?

33. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis played which 1991 fugitives?

34. Who played the fast talking DJ in the movie Good Morning Vietnam?

35. In which 1996 movie did Demi Moore play a stripper?

36. Which US actress appeared in the movie ?Bonnie & Clyde? and later won an Oscar for Network?  

37. Whish star of TV show Happy Days has become a successful film director?

38. The children of which family did Mary Poppins look after?

39. Who had the lead role in the film Elephant Man?

40. Which northern town was the setting for the film The Full Monty?  


1. The Dead Sea

2. Australia

3. Venezuela (Venice)

4. Columbia & Peru

5. Lake Victoria

6. Bay of Naples

7. Indian

8. Wyoming

9. Rhodesia

10. Lake Erie

11. Time & Relative Dimension In Space

12. Robert Carlyle

13. Danger Man

14. The Fire Brigade Band

15. Ronnie Barker

16. Peter Clifford

17. Magpie

18. Nestle Milky Bar

19. The Bill

20. Bayleaf  

21. Brighton

22. Lambeth Palace

23. Weymouth

24. Trent

25. Northamptonshire

26. The Pope visited Britain

27. Edinburgh

28. Cheshire

29. Chatsworth

30. Asparagus

31. Darth Vader

32. Ben Hur

33. Thelma & Louise

34. Robin Williams

35. Striptease

36. Faye Dunaway

37. Ron Howard

38. Banks Family

39. John Hurt

40. Sheffield  


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