Pub Quiz 112

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1. Der Spiegel is a famous German publication, what does the name mean?

2. What name is given to a word or sentence that reads the same backwards as it does forwards?

3. In which country were old age pensions first introduced?

4. Where would you expect to find a Mullion?

5. What is the Parliament of the Isle of Man called?

6. How many pounds are there in a hundredweight?

7. On what would you expect to find a fish eye lens?

8. I am the principal usher of a number of court and political ceremonials. I have an ebony rod, topped with a golden lion. Who am I?

9. What word is used to describe a tree that sheds its leaves once a year?

10. What is the name given to the leading female vocalist in an opera company?

11. How long is a British Passport valid for?

12. What is the form available from post offices which gives free or reduced cost medical treatment in most European countries

13. If driving to France which of the following is it compulsory to have? First Aid Kit, Spare Bulb Kit, GB Sticker, Fire Extinguisher, Headlamp Converters

14. What was the smaller denomination that makes up the Mark?

15. What is the international car sticker acronym for Swiss motorists?

16. Which insect transmits yellow Fever?

17. Which city is served by Dyce airport?

18. What is the main holiday resort on the Fylde?

19. A new born baby now requires a separate passport. If already on its parent's passport the child can remain so until how old?

20. On which Costa is Torremolinos?

21. In Morse code what letter is represented by one dash?

22. What was Spain's General Franco's first name?

23. Which character did Bonnie Langford play in just William?

24. Who had a 50`s No1 hit with Young love?

25. What is studied by a heliologist?

26. What does the 'A' stand for in NATO?

27. What was the nickname of boxer Dave Green?

28. Who was asked for a bolt in the original Golden Shot?

29. Which role did Phil Collins play in the stage version of Oliver?

30. What sort of meat is silverside?  


1. The Mirror.

2. Palindrome.

3. New Zealand - 1898.

4. In a window.

5. The Tynwald.

6. 112.

7. Camera

8. Black Rod.

9. Deciduous.

10. Prima Donna or Diva.

11. 10 years

12. E111

13. GB Sticker & Headlamp Converters

14. Pfennig

15. CH

16. Mosquito

17. Aberdeen

18. Blackpool

19. 16

20. Del Sol

21. T

22. Francisco

23. Violet Elizabeth Bott

24. Tab Hunter

25. The Sun

26. Atlantic

27. Boy

28. Bernie

29. The Artful Dodger

30. Beef


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