Pub Quiz 113

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1. Which animal does a Hippophobe fear?

2. Which is further south Folkstone or Southampton?

3. Which American sportsman was said to be earning more than the us president in 1925?

4. Which species can be Fairy Black footed and crested?

5. Which game uses flattened iron rings thrown at a hob?

6. Where is Fibrin found in your body?

7. Which group had hits with Homely Girl and Kingston Town?

8. Which sport is Claire Francis famous for?

9. Which actor played the lead in The Full Monty?

10. In which Chinese City can you see the Terracotta Army?

11. What letter is next to qwerty on a Computer Keyboard?

12. Who wrote over and over again: I will not yell she's dead during roll call?

13. What type of animal was selected to test the first electric toothbrush?

14. Which royal owns the Rolls Royce Errol Flynn lost in a poker game in Monte Carlo?

15. What are O.J. Simpson's first names?

16. Which 35 island state is joined to Saudi Arabia by a causeway?

17. Where was Elizabeth Taylor staying when she first set eyes on Larry Fortensky?

18. What country has the highest percentage of 15 and 16 year-olds getting married?

19. Which popstar showed her taste by painting the Castillo del Lago in Hollywood red and yellow?

20. In a pub, which would be the odd one out; Old Speckled Hen - The Famous Grouse or Wild Turkey?  

21. Which blind singer supported The Rolling Stones on their 1972 American tour?

22. What is a baby cod called?

23. What did Harry Enfields character Loadsamoney do for a living?

24. What did Dorothy steal from the Wicked Witch Of The West in The Wizard Of Oz?

25. Which is the Worlds tallest mammal?

26. Where in London is the staue of Eros?

27. In the Theatre where are the Flies?

28. For what type of structure are Conway, Beaumaris and Harlech famous?

29. If you sail to France from Newhaven where do you normally land?

30. How many black squares are there on a chessboard?


1. Horses

2. Southampton

3. Babe Ruth

4. Penguins

5. Quoits

6. In the blood

7. UB40

8. Sailing

9. Robert Carlisle

10. Xian

11. U

12. Bart Simpson

13. A dog

14. Prince Rainier

15. Orenthal James

16. Bahrain

17. The Betty Ford Clinic

18. The US

19. Madonna

20. Old Speckled Hen is a beer, and the other two are whiskies.  

21. Stevie Wonder

22. A Codling

23. Plasterer

24. Her Broomstick

25. Giraffe

26. Piccadilly Circus

27. Above the stage where the scenery is hoisted

28. Castles

29. Dieppe

30. Thirty Two


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