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1. Traditionally, what items do the audience throw towards the ring after a sumo wrestling contest in which a yokozuna has been defeated by a lower-ranked wrestler?

2. If you were called a Bajan, of which country would you be a native?

3. There was a campaign many years ago among large numbers of U.K. residents to free 'the Weatherfield One'. In which soap opera was 'The Weatherfield One' a character?

4. Which of these genera of flowering plants does not produce exclusively yellow flowers: Kerria, Hypericum, Forsythia, Euphorbia?

5. Tom Bawcock's Eve is a festival celebrating the efforts of the eponymous Tom Bawcock to lift a famine from the village of Mousehole in which English county?

6. The F.I.E., or Federation International d'Escrime, is the international governing body for which Olympic sport?

7. The 'Wonderful' Parliament and The 'Merciless' Parliament were sessions convened during the reign of which English monarch?

8. Which classical violinist, said to have sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his remarkable talent, composed the 24 Caprices for solo violin?

9. The Eightfold Path and the Four Noble Truths are important concepts in which religion?

10. Which saint, patron of televisions, telephones and clairvoyance, founded the Franciscan order, and The Order of Poor Ladies.? (hint: one of the words in the question contains a homophone of the answer)  

11. Which American singer and actress had a debut album entitled The Divine Miss M which was also the moniker given to her by thousands of adoring fans?

12. The kumquat is a small Chinese variety of which fruit?

13. The Althing, one of the oldest parliaments in the world, is located in which country?

14. A sufferer of cacoethes loquendi would be doing too much of what activity?

15. All postcodes in the Shetlands begin with which two letters?

16. Just before making his Premier League debut for Manchester United in 1995, David Beckham played on loan for which club?

17. The Household Cavalry consists of two regiments: The Blues and Royals is one, which is the other?

18. Which boxer was nicknamed The Black Hercules and was one of only 5 people to have defeated Muhammad Ali in the latter's professional career?

19. Which poet wrote Sonnets from the Portuguese, the Portuguese being an affectionate nickname used by her husband (also a famous poet) for her?

20. In which 1979 film, based on a rock opera by The Who does a scooter fly off a cliff in the final scene?

21. The name of which African country derives from the Arabic for 'land of the blacks'? (Clue: This country is not landlocked, despite what some may say.)

22. In which famous novel by George Orwell did Winston Smith find himself tortured in Room 101 in the Ministry of Love?

23. Stoke City F.C. is the second oldest club in the Football League; which is the oldest?

24. With which part of the United Kingdom is the dance 'Gay Gordons' associated?

25. The Elder Futhark, The Younger Futhark and The Anglo-Saxon Futhark are the 3 best-known categories of which alphabet?

26. What was the pre-1998 name of the Indian city now known as Mumbai?

27. Brennivin, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented potato pulp and flavoured with caraway seeds, is made and drunk in which country?

28. Pinkpop is an international festival of pop music conducted annually in which country?

29. Give the year in which the following headline appeared in the SUN newspaper: "Who told that chopper whopper"?  (1 year either way)

30. The International Day of Peace was instituted by the United Nations in 1981, and is observed annually on which day?

31. Which American hip-hop group comprises Mike D, Ad-Rock and MCA?

32. In which Gilbert and Sullivan opera does the title character refuse to marry anyone until the very last scene?

33. What is the current name of the Indian city which was, until 1996, known as Madras?

34. "Zip me up before you go go" was a 1998 SUN newspaper headline referring to the lewd behaviour of which pop star?

35. Named after a British manufacturer of darts equipment, what is the oldest major darts tournament still running?


1. Cushions

2. Barbados

3. Coronation Street

4. Euphorbia

5. Cornwall

6. Fencing

7. Richard the second

8. Niccolo Paganini

9. Buddhism

10. Saint Clare

11. Bette Midler

12. Orange

13. Iceland

14. Talking

15. Z.E.

16. Preston North End

17. The Life Guards

18. Ken Norton

19. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

20. Quadrophenia

21. Sudan

22. 1984

23. Notts County

24. Scotland

25. Runic

26. Bombay

27. Iceland

28. The Netherlands

29. 1986 (Accept 1985 Or 1987)

30. September 21st

31. The Beastie Boys

32. Princess Ida

33. Chennai

34. George Michael

35. Winmau World Masters


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