Pub Quiz 34

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1. What would you do if someone gave you a Twank?

2. Which spice comes in hands?

3. What would you expect to see at Santa Pod?

4. What was Peter Blake, a pop art designer's most famous work?

5. Which 1960 film did Elvis Presley play a mixed race character?

6. What profession had Lemual Gulliver when he was shipwrecked?

7. In the Bible what was an adamant?

8. Which Roman Emperor made Sunday a religious holiday?

9. If you have polythelia what have you got?

10. Orthoepy is the study of what?

11. What Shakespeare character ends saying "The rest is Silence"?

12. Who was the father of Icarus?

13. What is the correct name for a castrated pig, six letters?

14. Dover is the State Capitol of which US state?

15. What word describes one tenth of a nautical mile?

16. What does a sacerdotal person study for?

17. In the Bible, John the Baptist lived on wild honey and what?

18. Who wrote the Paris and Prague symphonies?

19. Men are ten-times more likely than women to have what condition?

20. Melita in the Bible, where Paul was shipwrecked, is where today?


1. Drink it - it's tea

2. Ginger

3. Drag Racing

4. Beatles' Sergeant Peppers cover

5. Flaming Star

6. Ship's surgeon

7. Diamond

8. Constantine

9. Three nipples

10. Word pronunciation

11. Hamlet

12. Daedalus

13. Barrow

14. Delaware

15. Cable

16. The priesthood

17. Locusts

18. Mozart

19. Colour Blindness

20. Malta


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