Connections Quiz 30

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1. Who was the 41st president of the USA?

2. Where according to tradition was Sir Francis Drake playing bowls when he was warned of the impending invasion by the Spanish Armada?

3. Who was the Wolverhampton Wanderers footballer that made 49 appearances for England between the years of 1955 and 1966?

4. Which fictional detective did Dashiell Hammett create?

5. What name is given to the process by which the world's atmosphere is becoming continually warmer?

6. What was the name of the educated character in Cluedo?

7. Who was Fred Astair?s famous dancing partner?

8. What is the Japanese Art of Bonsai concerned with?

9. Who had a top 10 hit in the 1970s with son of my father?

10. What is the connection?  


1. George H. W. Bush

2. Plymouth Hoe

3. Ron Flowers

4. Sam Spade

5. Greenhouse Effect

6. Professor Plum

7. Ginger Rodgers

8. Dwarf Tree Cultivation

9. Chicory Tip

10. Gardening


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