Connections Quiz 31

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1. Who was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1974 79?

2. What?s your birth sign if you were born between 24th October and 22nd of November?

3. Which flower is considered sacred by the Buddhists of India, Tibet, and China?

4. What position is given to a schoolboy or girl with the authority to maintain discipline?

5. Name for a piece of instrumental music, which serves as the first movement of a suite?

6. Which star constellation represents the figure of a warrior holding a shield and a club?

7. What title was bestowed on Grace Kelly when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco?

8. Who was the badly behaved girl featured in the ?Beano? comic?

9. Which county has Taunton as its ?County Town??

10. Whats the connection?  


1. Denis Healey (Austin Healey)

2. Scorpio. (Ford).

3. Lotus

4. Prefect (Ford).

5. Prelude (Honda).

6. Orion. (Ford)

7. Princess (Austin).

8. Minnie the Minx (Hillman Minx).

9. Somerset (Austin).

10. Cars.


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