Connections Quiz 32

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1. In which city was Hawaii 5-0 set?

2. Which country singer had a No.1 single in the 70?s with ?Annies Song??

3. Who commanded the Eighth Army at El Alamein?

4. Which bird was said to have risen from the Ashes?

5. What was the Surname of Herbert the 1st baron of Longbridge, Birmingham?

6. Which was the last Carry on film to be made?

7. Which building designed by Sir Christopher Wren can be found on Ludgate Hill, London?

8. Which US President was assassinated in 1865?

9. Which German Chancellor was known as the ?Iron Chancellor?

10. What is the connection between your answers to questions 1-9?  


1. Honolulu

2. John Denver

3. Montgomery

4. Phoenix

5. Austin

6. Carry on Columbus

7. St Paul?s cathedral

8. Abraham Lincoln

9. Otto von Bismarck

10. US State Capitals


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