Connections Quiz 33

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The following quiz round was submitted by Gareth Evans from the UK. Many thanks Gareth, great job!

1. Hamlet was a Prince in this country

2. This country's longest river is the Vistula

3. This country's capital city is Prague

4. Their unofficial flower is the Edelweiss

5. Celine Dion won the Eurovision song contest representing them in 1988

6. The headquarters of Interpol are based here

7. Shared its name with a pirate radio station

8. The battle of Waterloo was fought here

9. Before the Euro their currency was the Guilder

10. What is the connection?


1. Denmark

2. Poland

3. Czech Republic

4. Austria

5. Switzerland

6. France

7. Luxembourg

8. Belgium

9. Holland (Netherlands)

10. They all share a border with Germany


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