Connections Quiz 36

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1. Which Australian is the host of Animal Hospital?

2. Near which city is RAF Aldergrove?

3. Which city would you associate one of the seven wonders of the world called the Hanging Gardens?

4. What was the unusual weathered name of Jackie Mann?s (the man who was kidnapped with Terry Waites) wife?

5. Which East Caribbean island aka the Emerald island has the capital Plymouth?

6. About which London Street did Gerry Rafferty sing?

7. Who was murdered by Feliks Yusupov and friends on December 31st 1916 in Russia?

8. By what relative name was Shirley Crabtree better known?

9. Whose gang had hits in the early 80s with Celebration and Ladies Night?

10. What is the connection?  


1. Rolf Harris (Painter Man)

2. Belfast

3. Babylon (Rivers of)

4. Sunny

5. Montserrat (Home island)

6. Baker

7. Rasputin

8. Daddy

9. Kool (Daddy Cool)

10. Boney M


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