Connections Quiz 37

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1. Who am I, Born 1947 I joined the Buffalo Bills in 68 and in 1975 recorded a record 25 touchdowns in 1 season, still I will be best remembered for my relationship with my wife?

2. In Greek Mythology how are Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia better known?

3. With which insurance company are all ships supposedly registered?

4. Whose backing group was the Outlaws?

5. Which character did Nigel Hawthorne play in Yes Minister?

6. Which role did Honor Blackman play in the film Goldfinger?

7. Which company do you associate with the trading names Yuasa & Girling?

8. With which throne do we associate The Shah of Iran

9. Which 19th century pianist and composer is best remembered for his choral work German Requiem?

10. What is the connection?  


1. J Simpson (Shop Based)

2. The 3 Graces

3. Lloyds (Jeremey Lloyd Co-Writer)

4. Mike Berry

5. Sir Humphrey Appleby

6. Pussy Galore

7. Lucas

8. Peacock

9. Brahms

10. TV series: Are You Being Served


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