Connections Quiz 73

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The following connections round was very kindly sent in by Alan MacDonald from the UK. Thanks again Alan, very clever work!

1. Who drove the Turbo Terrific in the Wacky Races cartoon?

2. In the book “Treasure Island”, what was the name of the ship in which Jim Hawkins sailed?

3. Standing on the site of Newgate Prison, what is the nickname of London’s Central Criminal Court?

4. What was the title of John Wayne’s last film?

5. Opened in 1889, which famous Parisian nightspot is in the Jardin de Paris at the foot of Montmartre hill?

6. What scientific name did Galileo Galilei give to the Northern Lights?

7. Established in 1887, where is the famous Raffles Hotel?

8. First published in 1928, the title character of which famous novel is named Constance?

9. What name is given to someone who makes barrels?

10. What connects all nine answers?


1. Peter Perfect

2. the Hispaniola

3. the Old Bailey

4. the Shootist

5. the Moulin Rouge

6. Aurora Borealis

7. Singapore

8. Lady Chatterleys Lover

9. Cooper

10. Hidden animal/bird sounds – purr, hiss, bay, hoot, moo, roar, sing, chatter, coo

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