Pauls Food and Drink Quiz 3

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1. Which popular beverage's name is the German word for 'to store' ?

2. Which two contributions to western tea culture were introduced by US tea merchants, one at the St. Louis world fair in 1904, the other in New York restaurants in 1908 ?

3. Which cooking term stems from the French word for coal ?

4. How many people in the world are classified as chronically undernourished ?  
    a. 8 million  
    b. 80 million  
    c. 800 million  
    d. 3 billion

5. Which citrus fruit, possibly a combination of sweet lime and sour orange, grows predominantly in Italy and is used in Earl Grey tea and eau de Cologne?

6. Who released the following 'edible' albums ?  
    a. Chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavoured water  
    b. Buddah and the chocolate box  
    c. Shaved fish  
    d. Moldy peaches  
    e. Burnt weeny sandwich  
    f. Flaming pie  
    g. Pies Descalzos  
    h. The spaghetti incident  
    i. Pretzel logic  
    j. Tigermilk  
    k. Tupelo honey

7. According to some, 'Dutch courage' in battle came from the over consumption of what ?

8. Which ingredient was added to ale in Bavaria around 900 AD and  worked the  'wunder' which gave mankind beer ?

9. After 1066 the French introduced such joys as cidre to England with 'staggering' success. If pears replaced apples in the process, what was it called ?    

10. What were the two major crops used by the Aztecs ?


1. Lager

2. Ice tea (1904) and tea bags (1908)

3. Braise

4. c. 800 million

5. Bergamot

6. Eleven Answers:
    a. Limp Bizkit  
    b. Cat Stevens  
    c. John Lennon  
    d. The Moldy Peaches  
    e. Frank Zappa  
    f. Paul McCartney  
    g. Shakira  
    h. Guns & Roses  
    i. Steely Dan  
    j. Belle and Sebastian  
    k. Van Morrison

7. Genever(gin)  Genever is Dutch for juniper.

8. Hops   English ale was hopped with routine around 1700.

9. Perry

10. Maize (corn) and Amaranth


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