Food and Drink Quiz 6

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Food and Drink Quiz1. What is the name given to the dish of fruit stewed or preserved in syrup?

2. What type of meat is used in the preparation of Osso Bucco?

3. What is the name of the Scandinavian alcoholic drink made from Potatoes?

4. If you were served crudit?s as a starter before your main meal, what would you be eating?

5. What is the name of the liquid butter made from cow or buffalo milk which is used in Eastern Countries?

6. Name the following foods :-A very thick spicy Italian sausage, usually flavoured with garlic?

7. German dish of chopped cabbage?

8. The Turkish dish of small pieces of meat and vegetables cooked on a skewer?

9. From what country does Sangria originate?

10. What is the name of the fruit sauce which is a traditional accompaniment to the Christmas Turkey?

11. Which two cheeses are layered in a Huntsman Cheese?

12. Which vegetable has the most calories?

13. Who is the Roman god of wine?

14. Name the two dishes named after an opera singer?

15. What is added to Whisky to make is Whisky Mac?

16. What is it called when fat and juices from the roasting tin are spooned over meat while it is cooking?

17. What is made at St James?s Gate in Dublin?

18. What is the main constituent of Guacamole?

19. Which cocktail would you find in a toolbox?

20. Which fish is smoked and cured and called "finnan"?


1. Compote

2. Veal

3. Aquavit

4. Raw Vegetables

5. Ghee

6. salami

7. Sauerkraut

8. Shish Kebab

9. Spain

10. Cranberry

11. Double Gloucester And Stilton

12. Avocado

13. Bacchhus

14. Peach Melba, Melba Toast

15. Ginger Wine

16. Basting

17. Guinness

18. Avocado

19. Screwdriver

20. Haddock


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