Food and Drink Quiz 7

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Food and Drink Quiz1. With what is champagne mixed to produce ?Buck?s Fizz??

2. What drink was invented by John Pemberton in 1886?

3. From what is American Bourbon distilled?

4. With which flavour is the liqueur Cr?me de Cassis associated?

5. What does the brut indicate on a bottle of champagne?

6. What is the name of a small barrel of beer of nine gallons capacity?

7. Where is the oldest distillery in the world?

8. What is the other ingredient in a pink gin?

9. What is the brewery featured in Coronation Street?

10. What is the world?s best selling wine?

11. What is a ?kiwano?, a spiky orange fruit, a fish dish, or a cocktail?

12. Which dish contains offal and oatmeal, and is traditionally boiled in a bag made from the stomach of an animal?

13. From what is the Mexican dish huevos rancheros made?

14. Which fruit goes into the liqueur Kirsch?

15. If a dish is served ?au gratin? what does it have on it?

16. Who is ?The Naked Chef??

17. What is a ?rosti??

18. Which drink was advertised with the slogan ?There?s a Humphrey about??

19. What is the fruit flavour of a traditional crepe suzette?

20. What is the name of cold Spanish soup made from peppers and tomatoes?


1. Orange Juice

2. Coca Cola

3. Corn mash and malted barley

4. Blackcurrant

5. Very Dry

6. A firkin

7. The Old Bushmills, Cty Antrim

8. Angostora Bitters

9. Newton and Ridley

10. Lambrusco

11. A spiky orange fruit.

12. Haggis

13. Baked Eggs

14. Cherry

15. Cheese

16. Jamie Oliver

17. A pancake of fried grated potatoes

18. Milk

19. Orange

20. Gazpacho


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