Food and Drink Quiz 8

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Food and Drink Quiz1. What Is The Italian Name For Squid In A Restaurant?

2. In Which City Was Chop Suey Invented?

3. Which Food Has A Name, Which Literally Means On A Skewer?

4. What Are You Doing If You Are Shucking An Oyster?

5. What Is The Main Ingrediant Of Guacamole?

6. Which Type Of Prepared Bread Is Named After An Opera Singer?

7. What Type Of Food Is Pepperoni?

8. In An American Restaurant What Are Home Fries?

9. What Is The Swedish Name For A Hot Or Cold Food Served As A Buffet?

10. What Type Of Meat Usually Goes Into Frankenfurters?

11. The Commercial distribution of which meat was banned by law in Germany in 1986?

12. What are the main ingredients of a Horse?s Neck?

13. If you were eating aloo in an Indian restaurant what would you be eating?

14. What term is used in cooking to describe food that has been cooked so that it is still firm to the bite?

15. Which English family brewer produces Eagle Bitter, Bombardier and also brews Red Stripe under licence?

16. What name is given to the aniseed flavoured spirit drunk in Turkey?

17. What is the basic ingredient of the Indonesian dish Nasi Goreng?

18. What alcoholic beverage is produced by the Solera method?

19. What name is given to a cockerel that is castrated and fattened for the table?

20. Greek Feta cheese is made from the milk of which animal?


1. Calamari

2. San Francisco

3. Kebab

4. Opening It

5. Avacadoes

6. Melba Toast

7. Spiced Sausage

8. Potatoes Cooked In Bacon Fat

9. Smorgasbord

10. Pork

11. Dog meat - which had been allowed by law since 1941

12. Brandy and Ginger

13. Potato

14. Al Dente

15. Charles Wells

16. Raki

17. Rice

18. Sherry

19. Capon

20. Ewe


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