Gastronomy Quiz 1

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1. The saliva of the swiftlet is the main constituent of which dish?

2. What is the world?s best selling brand of gin?

3. Who sucked apple sauce to become the first American to eat in space?

4. What pricey type of Japanese beef is produced from black Wagyu bulls?

5. What MacDonald?s item is known as Le Royale in France?

6. What was Caesar Cardini?s gift to the culinary arts?

7. What explorer introduced Italians to spaghetti in the 13th century?

8. Which chicken dish was named after a Napoleonic battle?

9. Which famous dish was invented by King Stanislau of Poland and features a sponge cake soak in syrup and the sprit from which this dish takes its name,?

10. What flavour enhancer sounds more appealing when it?s called Chinese seasoning?


1. Birds nest soup

2. Gordon?s

3. John Glenn

4. Kobe beef

5. The Quarter Pounder

6. The Caesar salad

7. Marco Polo

8. Chicken Marengo

9. Rhum Baba

10. Monosodium glutamate


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