Food and Drink Quiz 9

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Food and Drink Quiz1. The dessert Pavlova is made from fresh fruit, cream and which other ingredient?

2. Which Italian phrase is used to describe pasta cooked only until it offers a slight resistance when bitten?

3. A black Russian cocktail is made with one part coffee liqueur and two parts of which spirit?

4. What type of fish is in an omelette Arnold Bennett?

5. How is steak tartare cooked?

6. What is a lift for food in a restaurant known as?

7. Which two stouts are brewed in cork?

8. Name the dessert named after a Derbyshire town?

9. Which village in County Antrim gives its name to a brand of Irish whiskey produced there and at a companion distillery in Coleraine?

10. What do Americans call what the British call an iced-lolly?

11. If you saw broiled food on an American menu, how would it be cooked?

12. The 18th amendment to the Constitution was introduced in 1919, repealed in 1933 and is the only one to have been repealed, what did it relate to?

13. What type of food is associated with 4th July celebrations, is it a curry, a Roast Turkey, a picnic, or a BBQ?

14. In 1999, which American retail giant announced that it was buying the Asda food retail chain?

15. If you wanted your eggs fried without cooking the yolks, how should you order them in?

16. What name is given to the deep south stew or soup thickened with Okra?

17. If you wanted to buy liver sausage in the US, what product name should you look for?

18. An American frying pan is called what?

19. The hot dog was originally imported to the US from which city?

20. If you ordered a dish of Mountain Oysters or Cape Cod Turkey what would you receive?


1. Meringue

2. Al dente

3. Vodka

4. Smoked haddock

5. It is served raw

6. A dumb waiter

7. Murphy's and Beamish

8. Bakewell tart

9. Bushmills

10. Popsicle

11. Grilled

12. Prohibition of alcohol

13. Picnic or BBQ

14. Wal-Mart

15. Sunny side up

16. Gumbo

17. Liverwurst

18. A skillet

19. Frankfurt

20. Sheep?s testicles


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