Pauls Bread Quiz 1

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1. Which Asian bread, meaning 'bread' when translated , is a relative of our flat, pita like bread ?

2. Per capita, which Europeans are the biggest consumers of bread world wide ?

3. According to the band Bread, "who draws the crowd and plays so loud" ?

4. Aerated bread is leavened with what ?

5. According to a Christian supersticion, bread baked on which day will not go mouldy ?

6. What was the name of the boy in 'About a boy' who accidently kills a duck with a loaf of his mothers home made bread ?

7. Which coarsely ground rye bread means translated 'devils fart' or 'fart boy' ?

8. Which bread is 'Tony's bread' ?

9. Once upon a time,  men who ate a crust of bread from the chest of a corpse were called what ?

10. During the middle ages contaminated rye bread could cause, among others, gangrene or possesion like symptoms. The sickness was called St. Anthonys Fire or Holy Fire. Under what name do we know the poisoning today ?


1. nan or naan

2. The Germans

3. The guitar man

4. Carbon dioxide

5. Good Friday

6. Marcus

7. Pumpernickel

8. Pannetone

9. Sin eaters

10. Ergot


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