Pauls Wine Quiz 1

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1. The name of which profession closely associated with wine stems from an old word meaning 'pack animal driver'?

2. Which mans private stock includes a fine Chateau Picard 2267?

3. What were the two handled ceramic vases called that ancient Greeks and Romans used to store wine in?

4. At the beginning of the film Casablanca, what is Rick drowning his sorrows with?

5. What was the old English word for white Rhein wine? Four letters

6. Which kind of red wine did H Lector enjoy with human liver?

7. In Dean Martin's 'Little ol wine drinker me', what line preceeds "So the grapes can grow and they can make more wine"?

8. A word for wine that has been spiced and heated. Six letters

9. In which famous 14th century book is the Reeve described as "Well loved he garlic, onions and leeks. And drinking of strong wine as red as blood. Then would he talk and shout as madman would"?

10. Which famous red wine from France means 'new castle of the pope'?


1. Sommelier

2. Capt. J. Luc Picard

3. Amphora(s)

4. Champagne

5. Hock  Short for Hockamore(Hockheimer), wine from Hockheim.

6. Chianti

7. "I'm praying for rain in California"

8. Mulled

9. Canterbury Tales

10. Chateauneuf du Pape


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