Pauls Food and Drink Quiz 4

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1. Muffuletta, Baros Luca, Croque monsieur, Veda pav, Dagwood and Shawarma are all examples of what?

2. The name of which liquid loosely translated means 'the finest' or 'the best'?

3. What are often named after ancient middle eastern kings?

4. One quarter of all the hops in the world are grown in which country?

5. What did the Celts call the drink of the gods?

6. Some cocktails are poetic. What do you get if you replace the  whisky in a Rob Roy with Drambuie?

7. Who said, "no function beer well without"?

8. What is the captains reply in the song Hotel California to the wine request?

9. What is 'arachibutyrophobia'?

10. Which country consumes, per capita, the most donuts per year?

11. Which South-East Asian fruit's smell reminds people, to put it mildly, of various stages of decay ?


1. Sandwiches.

2. Alcohol  (Arabic al-kuhl).

3. Wine bottles. For example Jeroboam (3l) king of Isreal,  Rehoboam (4.5 l) King of Juda, Salmanazar (9 l) king of Assyria, Nebukadnezar (15 l) king of Babylon.

4. Germany. In the Hollertau region of Bayern (Bavaria).

5. Med Met, Honey wine or honey beer.

6. A Robbie Burns.

7. Homer Simpson.

8. "We havent had that spirit here since 1969".

9. The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.

10. Canada. Canadians consume 3 times as many doughnuts per capita as Americans.

11. Durian.


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