Food and Drink Quiz 19

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1. Which citrus fruit, possibly a combination of sweet lime and sour orange, grows predominantly in Italy and is used in Earl Grey tea and eau de Cologne?

2. What type of food is gravadlax?

3. Aspartame is an alternative to what when added to food?

4. In which month does Beaujolais Nouveau arrive?

5. Which powder includes Turmeric, fenugreek, chillies and cumin?

6. Which country produces more than 38% of the world's olive oil?

7. How many standard wine bottles make up a Nebuchadnezzar?

8. What fruit do you get when you cross a Raspberry with an American dewberry?

9. A condition often caused by a vitamin D deficiency called? Seven letters, fifth letter is an 'E'

10. Which dish is made by curdling cream with wine, adding flavouring and frothing it up?

11. What sort of fruit is a Gravenstein?

12. What traditionally forms the covering of a haggis?

13. What type of pastry is used for profiteroles?

14. In which country did the dish Chop Suey originate?

15. In an Indian restaurant, if you were served 'aloo' which vegetable would you be eating?

16. Which liqueur is said to be made to Bonnie Prince Charlie's secret recipe?

17. Name an aromatic spice from a variety of ginger?

18. What is the minimum age for Scotch Whisky before it can be sold in the UK?

19. What does 'Al dente' mean with reference to food?  


1. Bergamot.

2. Fish.

3. Sugar.

4. November

5. Curry powder.

6. Spain.

7. 20.

8. Loganberry.

9. Rickets.

10. Syllabub.

11. Apple

12. Sheep's Stomach

13. Choux

14. The USA.

15. Potato.

16. Drambuie.

17. Cardamon.

18. 3 years.

19. Pasta that is cooked and feels firm to the teeth when bitten.


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