Chip Week 2012 Quiz 1

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This quiz round has been generated for Chip Week 20th – 26th February 2012.

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1.  Which day of the week is most popular for eating chips?

2.  Chris Verschueren, from Kastel, Belgium holds the world record for the longest French fries cooking marathon. How long was he cooking for? Was it
A) 25 hours B) 83 hours D) 200 hours.

3.  A quarter of all potatoes grown in Britain each year are made into chips how many tonnes of chips do you think that is?
A) 120,000 tonnes B) 670 million tonnes C) 1.5 million tonnes.

4.  The chips eaten in which country each year come from potatoes weighing the equivalent of nearly 2.9 million Formula One cars?
A) Britain B) France C) Belgium

5.  In one year Britain eats nearly three billion meals containing chips, true or false?

6.  Maris Piper, Bluebird, Rooster and Sante. Which one is not the name of a potato variety?

7.  In 2007 it became legal to make up to 2,500 litres of your own biodiesel (which can be produced using chip fat), enough to run the average family car.
True or false?

8.  Chip off the old what is a famous saying?

9.  Approximately how many meals containing homemade chips are eaten in Britain each year?
A) 1 million B) half a billion C) 1 billion


1. Friday
* Kantar Worldpanel, consumption 12 months ending May 2011

2. B - 83 hours
* World Records Academy, September 2010

3. C - 1.5 million tonnes
* AHDB- Market Intelligence

4. A - Britain
* National Federation of Fish Friers: Fish and Chips Factoids

5. True
* Kantar Worldpanel consumption 12 months ending May 2011

6. Bluebird

7. True

8. Block.

9. B - half a billion 
* Kantar Worldpanel consumption 12 months ending May 2011

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