Chip Week 2012 Quiz 2

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This quiz round has been generated for Chip Week 20th – 26th February 2012.

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1. What did the capitals C,H and P in the title of the hit 80s TV programme 'CHiPs' stand for?

2. Which group sang the 2008 Grammy award nominated single 'Ready for the Floor'?

3. Chip the teacup is a famous character from which Disney movie?

4. Rihanna shot her video for the song 'We Found Love' in a fish and chip shop. Where was the shop?
A) Manchester B) Glasgow C) Belfast.

5. Ian Beale owns the famous fish & chip shop in Eastenders, but what is it called?

6. Who served fish & chips at their wedding?
A) Myleene Klass & Graham Quinn B) Madonna & Guy Ritchie C) Katie Price & Peter Andre

7. In the hit sitcom 'Friends' a teenage Ross almost took Rachel to what when Chip Matthews nearly didn't show up?
A) The High-School Prom B) The Park C) Out for Dinner

8. The 'Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers' were what animal in the 80s TV show?

9. What world famous British TV sitcom had a one-off prequel called 'Rock & Chips' in 2010?
A) Only Fools and Horses B) Faulty Towers C) Dad's Army

10. Biff, Chip and Kipper are characters from which famous children's book series?
A) The Magic Key B) The Famous Five C) Nancy Drew


1. California Highway Patrol.

2. Hot Chip

3. Beauty and the Beast

4. C - Belfast

5. Beale's Plaice

6. A - Myleene Klass & Graham Quinn

7. A) The High-School prom.

8. Chipmunks

9. A - Only Fools and Horses

10. A - The Magic Key

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