Chip Week 2012 Quiz 3

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This quiz round has been generated for Chip Week 20th – 26th February 2012.

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1. Lady Gaga sent her security team to pick up fish and chips in Marylebone, London after a show in 2011, true or false?

2. How much did Rihanna allegedly (sic) spend in September 2011 on fish and chips for herself and her crew whilst filming a music video in Belfast? Was it
A) £100 B) £500 C) £800

3. David Walliams feasted on fish and chips to up his energy levels whilst swimming what in September 2011?

4. John Lennon liked to smother his chips with mayo, true or false?

5. Michelle Obama treated her daughters to a fish supper in a London pub during a visit to London in 2011, true or false?

6. Kate Moss had fish & chips at her hen-do in August 2011. Where was she celebrating?

7. Which X-Factor star owns a chip shop?
A) Simon Cowell B) Dermot O'Leary C) Gary Barlow

8. Which royally connected personality is a former judge of the Seafish Industry Authority "Fish and Chip Shop of the Year" competition?
A) Sarah Ferguson B) Pippa Middleton C) Tom Parker Bowles

9. Both Mike Tindall and Stacey Solomon used to work in chip shops before they were famous, true or false?

10. What did Winston Churchill call fish and chips?
A) A nuisance B) An inspiration C) Good companions


1. True

2. B - £500
* Daily Star - 29.9.11 pg, 17

3. The Thames
* Sunday Mirror 18.9.11

4. False - He preferred ketchup

5. True

6. The Isle of Wight Festival

7. B - Dermot O'Leary

8. C - Tom Parker Bowles.

9. True
* /

10. C - Good companions

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