Chip Week 2012 Quiz 4

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This quiz round has been generated for Chip Week 20th – 26th February 2012.

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1. What potato-based food wasn't rationed during the Second World War?

2. During the D-Day landings, the Parachute Regiment landing behind enemy lines in darkness identified friend from foe by using the code word 'FISH'. What would the reply be?

3. When was the first fish and chip shop opened?
A) 1795 B) 1860 C) 1930

4. Fish and chips were eaten by the Territorial Army in the 1930s to prepare them for what?
a) Battle b) Going home c) Birthdays

5. Who were the first to eat potatoes 6000 years ago?
A) The Egyptians B) The Incas C) The Romans

6. The potato is thought to have been brought to England in which century?
A) 19th B) 17th C) 16th

7. Fish and chips became so essential to the community of Bradford in 1931 that one fish and chip shop had to employ a doorman to control the queues, true or false?

8. A brooch owned by Queen Elizabeth II has been given the following affectionate name
A) Granny Chips B) Brother Chip C) Chip Jewels

9. What year was the chip and pin introduced in the UK?


1. Chips

2. 'CHIPS'
* Adrian Herdman, NFFF Executive Councillor in Wales

3. B - 1860
* National Federation of Fish Friers

4. A - Battle
* National Federation of Fish Friers: Did You Know?

5. B - The Incas

6. C - 16th Century

7. True

8. A - Granny Chips

9. 2006

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