Chip Week 2012 Quiz 5

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This quiz round has been generated for Chip Week 20th – 26th February 2012.

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1. For chips prepared in the home, nearly 60% are oven baked, true or false?

2. What condiment are fans of wedges most likely to dip them in?
A) Ketchup B) Barbecue sauce C) Mayonnaise

3. The record number of chip portions sold in a fish and chip shop in one day was what?
A) 3,500 B) 4,000 C) 7,100

4. The world's largest fish and chip portion was made in July 2011 in a pub in Wensleydale. What country held the previous record?

5. Who invented the 'ultimate chip recipe' - the triple-cooked chip?

6. We eat 30 million portions of fish and chips in Britain each year, true or false?

7. How many fish and chip shops are there in the UK?
A) more than 5,000 B) more than 10,000 C) more than 15,000

8. Which take-away is more popular - Indian or fish and chips?

9. An average portion of chip shop chips contains 300 fewer calories than a doner kebab, true or false?

10. What percentage of the population love chips?
A) 45% B) 75% C) 87%


1. True
* 56.5% are baked, 38.6% Fried and 3.1% are microwaved. Kantar Worldpanel, consumption 12 months ending May 2011

2. B - Barbecue sauce
* TNS survey of 1000 adults, September 2011

3. B- 4,000

4. America
* Guinness World Records, July 2011

5. Heston Blumenthal
* National Federation of Fish Friers: Fish and Chips History

6. False - We eat 300 million of them!

7. B - More than 10,000
* Fish and Chips Factoids document supplied by the NFFF

8. Fish and chips
* Fish and Chips Factoids document supplied by the NFFF

9. False - they actually contain 686 fewer calories.
* Doner kebab 377kcal/100g, portion = 315g=1188kcal Hamburger 243kcal/100g, portion=180g quarter pounder=437kcal chips 210g portion = 502kcal - An average portion of chip shop chips contains 686 fewer McCance and Widdowson's The Composition of Foods Summary Sixth Edition

10. C - 87%
* Mingle Trend survey of 560adults, February 2011

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