Cookery Quiz 2

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1. What is another name of the Papaya or the Tree Melon?

2. When served as a dish, how is the pancreas of an animal normally referred?

3. Rick Stein, the TV chef from Cornwall, is known for his recipes containing mainly what?

4. How is the combination of Anise, Pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves and Fennel better known?

5. Which name is given to a type of hard wheat semolina, originating from North Africa, which is soaked in water and served with spicy meat and vegetables?

6. Whose restaurant would you be visiting if you dined at the City Brassiere in Norwich?

7. What name is given to smooth yoghurt, which translated from the French, literally means 'fresh cheese'?

8. What is the most popular dish served in the Rovers Return?

9. Which chef is credited with inventing more dishes than anyone else

10. From the French word meaning 'blown', what name is given to a light sponge baked dish made by mixing egg yolks and either cheese or fruit with stiffly beaten egg whites?  


1. Paw Paw

2. Sweetbread

3. Fish

4. Five Spice

5. Couscous

6. Delia Smith's

7. Fromage Frais

8. Hot Pot

9. L'escoffier

10. Souffle  

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