Easy General Knowledge Quiz 5

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1. Of what are Dorothy Perkins, Grandpa Dickson and Iceberg varieties?

2. After the end of the Vietnam war, to what was Saigon?s name changed?

3. How is Admiral Sir Miles Messervey better known?

4. How many players are there in an ice hockey team?

5. Who wrote the comedy French Without Tears?

6. In which Italian town were the greatest violins made

7. Who was Ptolemy Dionysius married to?

8. Which Scottish city boasts an underground system?

9. Which teams play for the Ashes?

10. What is the technique of painting directly on to wet plaster on walls called?

11. Track 29 at Pennsylvania Station was the point of departure of which famous train?

12. Which sign of the zodiac is an anagram of a something you may hear shouted at a bullring?

13. Name the two principal characters made their debuts in the 1940 film ?Puss gets the Boot??

14. Give the first name of the daughter of Professor Archimedes Q Porter of Baltimore?

15. Which English league football team are nicknamed The Trotters?

16. Which European city is the home of the "Arc de Triomf" (spell the last word, Triomf - it is not the same as Triomphe, in Paris) which was built in 1888 for the World Exhibition?

17. Who came to an unpleasant end in 1305 and ended up in Berwick, Newcastle, Perth and Stirling?

18. A medieval cross in which midlands village marks the supposed centre of England

19. Who are Phoenix, Kelpie, Swift and Emma, who are also the companions of Harris, Brandy, Cider and Berry?


1. Roses

2. Ho Chi Minh City

3. "M" - in James Bond movies

4. 6

5. Terence Rattigan

6. Cremona

7. Cleopatra

8. Glasgow

9. Australia, England

10. Fresco  

11. Chattanooga Choo Choo

12. Leo (ole)

13. Tom & Jerry

14. Jane (in Tarzan)

15. Bolton wanderers

16. Barcelona (Not Paris)

17. William Wallace (after he was hung drawn and quartered)

18. Meriden

19. The queens Corgis (the latter 4 are Queens Dorgis - cross with corgi and Dachshund)


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